Rail Freight

Our rail service is a combination of knowledge and infrastructure. A logistics best-known-practice can not make sense if all the modes of transport are not wisely taken into account and rail carriage is a main part of our solutions.

  • Advantages of the rail service:
    • Scheduled delivery with accurate delivery time.
    • Full visibility of the traffic through daily tracking both in Iran and CIS.
    • No congestion at any border point.
    • Long term validity of the rates for 1 year and more considering the annual incremental trend.
    • Possibility of moving a large volume of cargo in each block train from Bandar Abbas to Sarakhs for transshipment to both connecting wagons and shuttle trucks (2 block-trains per week each taking 30 wagons = 60 TEUs per block train = 120 TEUs per week).
    • A very cost-effective mode for break-bulk cargo transportation especially when weights go beyond truck capacity.