Service portfolio:

  • Chartering brokerage from all over the world through strong connection with reputable international ship owners.
  • LCL and FCL sea freight from Europe, South East Asia, Far East and UAE to Bandar Abbas. Through annual contracts with major carriers, space is guaranteed at the most competitive rates.
  • Air freight through integrated agency network of Seaway Network.
  • Regular LTL service from all over Europe especially from Germany, Italy and Turkey to Iran at the best possible rates and highest possible quality along with highly effective switching service.
  • Transit service from Bandar Abbas through Iran to CIS, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia and Caucasia through direct or combined transport of rail and road or through Caspian Sea.
  • Contract and project logistics to all Iran inland, Iraq, Afghanistan and CIS destinations.
  • Block train service from Bandar Abbas to CIS. We use rail carriage to the most possible extend when other modes of transport do not meet the requirements in terms of service quality and cost effectiveness. Iran and CIS railway system know us very well for this!
  • Transit to Iran inland destinations by rail resulting in a solid quality at the lowest possible price.
  • OOG and Ultra heavy project shipments with maximum possible weight and size to CIS destinations from Bandar Abbas or through Caspian Sea via Volga River during navigation season.
  • Break-bulk delivery safety assurance with on demand cargo inspection, operation survey and Cordstrap lashing system.
  • Project cargo route and loading plan analysis by professional experts and dedicated software.
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